About Department

The Department metamorphosed from Department of Languages and Literature (housing B.A. French and B.A. English) in the former Bendel State University, Abraka as at 1991/1992 through Modern European Languages (1992/1993) with Mr. Dumbi Osani then, (now Dr. Dumbi Osani rtd.) as the first (Ag.) Head of Department into Languages and Linguistics under the sole administratorship of Professor Abednego Ikoko. Mr. Osani was succeeded by Dr. Simeon E. Osazuwa then, (now Prof. Simeon E. Osazuwa rtd.) who acted as the Head from 1993/1994 -2002/2003. Subsequently, the headship of the department continued in the following sequence: Dr. (Mrs.) Rose O. Aziza then: 2003/2004 – 2005/2006 (now Prof. (Mrs.) Rose O. Aziza); Prof. B. O. Okiwelu: 2004/2005 – 2005/2006; Dr. Anthony O. Biakolo (of blessed memory): 2006/2007 – 2007/2008; Dr. (Mrs.) Elizabeth E. Ogini: 2008/2009 – 2009/2010; Dr. Jiff I. Mokobia then: 2010/2011 – 2013/2014 (now Prof. Jiff I. Mokobia); Prof. James E. Obitaba 2014/2015 – 2016/2017; Dr. (Mrs.) Rita O. Mebitaghan then: 2017/2018 – 2019/2020 (now Prof. (Mrs.) Rita O. Mebitaghan); Dr. Emeka C. Ifesieh – April, 2020 – 2021; then Prof. Emeka C. Ifesieh Oct. 2021 till date. The special focus of the Department as an academic unit is humanism, human complex nature and its enduring relations within the society. Specifically, it deals with human development, apprehension and interpretation of reality through language and literature. Department of Languages and Linguistics, DELSU, Abraka offers good arrangements (intensive and part-time) for both undergraduate and postgraduate degree programmes. The degree programmes are: Diploma in French; B.A. in French; B.A. in Linguistics; B.A. in Linguistics/Urhobo; M.A. in French; Ph.D in French (African Literature in French/French Literature/Comparative Literature/French Language/Translation Studies). Postgraduate programmes are also offered in Linguistics at both Master’s and Ph.D levels given the strong academic staff strength of the Department. Welcome!