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  • Area of Specialization: Music Theory and Composition
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  • Passionately seek wisdom and transfer same to people. Respect people but not in exchange of truth to the detriment of humanity. In the real sense of it, human beings are not supposed to fear one another because we all are meant to be our brothers'/sisters' keepers. Needless therefore to fear one who is a 'keeper' indeed. Fear is a killer of greatness and, those who follow the crowd soon get lost in the crowd. Do not follow people because they constitute the majority rather, follow them based on justifiable humanistic reasons and self sincerity. One may therefore sometimes find oneself standing alone in floating the truth. Do not mind. Be condemned for being alone standing on what is right and doing that which is right, but be happy to oneself and the entire humanity for standing firm. There is no trophy greater than this. We all fall or err at some point in our dealings with people. What is supreme is that, one does not fall and permanently lie down there, like a baby fell by a stump. Forgiveness should be our watchword but when someone continually misuses it, equally know how to relate with such a person. Selflessness is a virtue. But those who are consistently self-centred do not usually believe there are selfless and sincere people out there. Such people always regard one's selfless and sincere acts as agenda to benefit 'something'. Being fulfilled in life is relative, but I also know that, the best one can make out of life is to positively impact on lives and society. One must not do everything in the world before achieving this. Simply follow an agendum or a mission and you will impact well with it. My name is Sunday Ofuani, (B.A. 2005, M.A. 2009, University of Nigeria, Nsukka; PhD 2015, Nnamdi Azikiwe University, Awka). All my degree studies are in "Music Theory and Composition" specialization area. I am a pianist, organist, violinist, music director, conductor, composer, performer, and a musical poet. My research interests are theoretical musicology, intercultural musicology, creative musicology, music perception, and the theoretical and sociological contents of African music. I lecture in Department of Music, Delta State University, Abraka; with some notable merit awards of musical excellence. I am published in some core international journals of music indexed both in SCOPUS and Thomson Reuters; with 15 Citations and 2 h-index on Google Scholar (since the last 5 years, 2017-May, 2022). The above write-ups are my social and moral philosophies.
    My Publications
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