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  • Area of Specialization: African Musicology and African Music and Dance
  • Department of Music

  • As a scholar, I have learnt to do what I ought to do, where I ought to do it, how I ought to do it and, of course, when I ought to do it. And in publications, scholars should think what they publish and not to publish what they think. As an Evangelist, I have learnt that any good without God is tantamount to zero. Common sense tells me that every evil is accommodated in devil because without evil devil is left with nothing but a 'd'. I have no enemies but I know my friends. It is not in my dream to be a hasty climber because hasty climbers have sudden falls. Scholarship /Fellowship Membership include: Association of Nigeria Musicologists (ANIM); Association for Promoting Nigeria Language and Culture (APNILAC); Research and Development Network (R.D.N.) under the Auspices of Int’l. Research & Development Institute; An Associate Fellow Institute of Industrial Administration of Nigeria (F.I.I.A.); Association for Awareness Against Anti-Social Behaviour (AFAAAB); Erstwhile member, National Anti-corruption and Volunteer Corps (N.A.V.C.); Erstwhile member, Chaplain Peace and Rescue Academy (C.P.R.A.). Scholarship/Fellowship Prizes Won are: Educational Leadership Award (2011) Awarded by Association for Professional and Public Administrators; An awardee of Certificate of Honour in Recognition of Excellent Contribution to the Growth of Music Scholarship in Nigeria. May 22, 2019. Awarded by Department of Music, Delta State University, Abraka During “Farewell Concert” in Honour of Prof. J.H.K. Nketia (The Icon of Africa Musicology).
    My Publications
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