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The Medical Library of the College of Health Sciences was established to serve the information needs of medical communities of the University. The College of Health Sciences has three faculties located in Abraka, Warri and Oghara. The Medical Library also has a presence in all the sites. There is the Medical Library located in Abraka, the Prof. Alfred Jarikre’s, medical library at the Central Hospital Complex Warri, and the Medical Library Oghara, where the teaching hospital for the College is located. The Medical Libraries have a collection of over 4,500 volumes of print resources (textbooks and journals) which cover nearly all aspects of Health sciences and some aspects of Basic and Applied sciences.

BMC Medical Genomics

International Journal of Chronic Diseases

Internal Medicine

Journal of General Internal Medicine

Archives of Internal Medicine

Journal of Internal Medicine

Journal of Community Hospital Internal Medicine Perspectives:

Clinical Medicine

Dynamic Medicine

BMC Medicine

Occupational Medicine

PLoS Medicine

Journal of Medicine

Perspectives in Medicine

Cardiovascular Medicine

Advances in Medicine

Clinical Medicine: Circulatory, Respiratory and Pulmonary Medicine

Archives of Emergency Medicine

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