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  • Area of Specialization: Wood Science, Environmental Impact Assessment, Environmental and Social Framework, Monitoring and Evaluation, Waste Management, Climate Climate Adaptation and Mitigation
  • Department of Agronomy, Wildlife & Forestry

  • Dr. E. Emerhi is a forester specializing in sustainable natural resources development and environmental management issues. With over thirty-five years of field and academic experience, including conducting and supervising environmental sector projects, facilitating relations between private and public-sector organizations, and preparing sustainable development business plans, she brings an in-depth analytical and programmatic expertise to the projects she is involved in. She has planned, designed, and executed environmental impact assessments (EIAs) for field development projects in the oil and gas sector and past clients have included a wide range of major oil and gas production and service companies, state government agencies, and non-governmental organizations. She has been a special adviser on EIA to the Ministries of Environment in the Niger Delta region (Nigeria) and a lecturer and a resource expert at numerous environmental conferences, workshops, and seminars across Nigeria and internationally. Dr. Emerhi is presently working with UNDP and GEF on mainstreaming gender issues in the Niger Delta Biodiversity Project focusing on women issues. She is dedicated to women’s education, empowerment, and development, and researches on issues that affect women such as human trafficking, sex tourism, prostitution and illegal migration, female circumcision and the rights of widows in Nigeria. These achievements have gained her a reputation for providing sound scientific information for both private and public sectors and for promoting constructive dialogues and partnerships on contentious issues throughout the Niger Delta region.
    My Publications
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