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  • Area of Specialization: Applied, Agricultural and Rural Economics
  • Department of Agricultural Economics

  • Professor (Mrs) Rosemary N. Okoh is a multidisciplinary Professional whose training in Economics (BSc. & MSc.) and Agricultural Economics (Ph.D) provides a synergy of knowledge and skills required for effective development research and practice. Prof Rosemary Okoh is an Economist with special interest in Rural Economics (Agricultural Economics) and Resource Economics. As an Applied Economist, trained researcher, development practitioner, administrator and a trainer with wide experience in teaching at the University level, organizing and implementing research, conferences, training workshops, seminars, Participatory Rural Appraisal workshops & exercises, project evaluation, gender issues, evaluation of MDG projects in Delta state Nigeria, etc. for rural Communities, Public sector, International Agencies (UN Women, UNDP, UNAIDS, NEST/IDRC) and Non-Governmental Organizations. Professor (Mrs) Rosemary N. Okoh’s vast experience in University administration has been displayed in her various roles as Head, Departments of Sociology, Economics (Faculty of Social Science} and Agricultural Economics and Extension (Faculty of Agriculture) and Dean, Faculty of Management Sciences. This culminated in the award of Delta State University, Abraka Pioneer Staff Long Service Meritorious Award in November 2017. Her experience has also taken her outside Delta State University to other Universities as External Examiner, External Assessor and NUC Accreditation Team Member. She has the expertise to mainstream gender into development project designs, programmes and research. As a consultant, Rosemary has worked with a number of Organizations to plan and implement training workshops for staff/field workers, evaluation studies, needs assessments, research on socio-economic issues, climate change in the Niger Delta and community driven development (Participatory Approaches) as well as economic policy management and development. She is Proficient in the use of social science software such as SPSS, Econometric views, MS word, MS Power Point presentation, and the use of the Internet for teaching, information and learning. Being an academic with both national and international publications, Rosemary has strong analytical and problem solving skills with demonstrated ability to write clearly in English, to meet deadlines, to work under pressure and to make oral presentations at national and international fora. She is also a good team player with good networking and interpersonal skills.
    My Publications
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