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  • Area of Specialization: Labour and Employment Law
  • Department of Public Law

  • …Jesus Christ is Lord …Philippians 2:11 Dr (Mrs) Emuobo Emudainohwo holds a PhD in Labour and Employment Law
    My Publications
  1. E. Emudainohwo, (2021) A Critical Analysis of the Nature and Effectiveness of a Floating Charge as a Security in Nigerian Law, Beijing Law Review
    Vol.12 (1) Pages: 191-204

  2. E. Emudainohwo, (2021) Analyzing the Duties of Employer and Employee in Nigerian Law , Beijing Law Review
    Vol.12 (2) Pages: 305-319

  3. E. Emudainohwo, (2020) The Importance of an Industrial Court in the Interpretation of Labour Statutes’ Commonwealth Law Bulletin , Commonwealth Law Bulletin
    Vol.46 (2) Pages: 300-313

  4. E. Emudainohwo (2020) Towards the Enforceability of Collective Agreements in Nigerian Law, E-Journal of International and Comparative Labour Studies
    Vol.9(3) Pages: 57-67

  5. E. Emudainohwo (2018) The Implementation of treaties related to labour and labour relations in Nigerian Law: a critical appraisal, Commonwealth Law Bulletin
    Vol.44(4) Pages: 548-562