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  • Area of Specialization: Manufacturing/production, Design, Mechanical Vibration and Operation Research
  • Department of Mechanical Engineering

  • I am an Engineer by profession. My experience in the area of Design, Manufacturing/production and Operation research has given me an opportunity to contribute my knowledge in research and teaching the younger ones and able to relate in the competitive approach especially in manufacturing industry. My hunger for knowledge and determination has turn information to action which has contributed to my success in life. This has vastly improved the productivity of my team by implementing strategic team management methods and ensuring a work-life balance in my department. I strongly believe that hard-work is the key to success. In my spare time, I like connecting with like minds, other than this, I prefer watching detective and action related movies. My interest in sport is overwhelming as I like watching premier league matches and indoor games. I believe in the school of thought that says "cleanliness is next to godliness" this is more reason I don't joke with my health by keeping good hygiene always and eating balance diet. You can reach out to to connect
    My Publications
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