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  • Area of Specialization: Environmental Resource Management
  • Department of Geog & Reg Planning

  • Dr. Akpezi Okiemute Edewor is a budding environmentalist. Her research interest is on sustainable utilization of of diverse soils for arable farming. having been in the University Registry for sixteen years, her conversion into academics is to fulfill her interest in teaching and research.
    My Publications
  1. Akpezi Okiemute Edewor (2021) Ecological Ethics: Towards A Sustainable Environmental Balance in The Biosphere. Sustainable Development Goals (Sdg’s) In Perspective, REVIEW OF INTERNATIONAL GEOGRAPHICAL EDUCATION Vol.11(8) Pages: 1320-1327

  2. Akpezi Okiemute EDEWOR and Augustus Orowhigo ATUBI (2021) Statistical analyses of the Physiochemical properties of derived savanna, rainforest landscapes of Delta State, Nigeria, International Journal of Life Science Research Archive Vol.01(02) Pages: 053–067