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  • Area of Specialization: CHEMISTRY
  • Department of Science Laboratory Technology
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  • Farooq A. Dar Ikpefan O. Emmanuel , Ayinde B. Adesina, Ikpefan J. Ohonmoimen, Mudassir Azah (2021) n vitro anticancer potential of Sacrocephalus latifolius leaves extract and its fractions on human MCF-7 and NCI-H460 cancer cell lines., Asian Journal of Agriculture and Biology Vol.3 Pages: 1-7

  • EO Ikpefan, BA Ayinde, JO Ikpefan (2016) Comparative phytochemical and growth inhibitory studies on the leaf and root bark extracts of securinega Virosa (roxb ex. Willd) baill (euphoriaceae), Journal of Pharmaceutical and Allied Science Vol.12 Pages: 2219-2227

  • Emmanuel O Ikpefan, Buniyamin A Ayinde, Joan O Ikpefan (2015) Comparative cytotoxic and spectrophotometric quantification of phytochemicals of the methanol extracts of the leaf and root bark of Securinega virosa (Roxb ex. Willd) Baill, Journal of Pharmacy & Bioresources Vol.12 Pages: 106-111