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  • Area of Specialization: Histology, Radiological Anatomy, Diagnostic Imaging
  • Department of Anatomy & Cell Biology
  • My Publications
  • Beryl S. Ominde, Wilson Iju and Patrick S. Igbigbi (2022) Retrospective CT Study on Orbital Dimensions and Their Role in Sex Determination, Acta Scientific Anatomy Vol.1.4 Pages: 02-12

  • Wilson Josiah Iju, Ojieh Anthony Emeka, Bartholomew Chukwuebuka Nwogueze, Ossai Nduka Richard, Okolocha Chidimma (2022) Histomorphological and Biochemical Evaluation of Oral Administration of Datura Metel Stramonium on the Kidneys of Adult Male Wistar Rats, International Journal of Health Sciences Vol.6(S7) Pages: 2948–2962

  • NWOGUEZE Bartholomew Chukwuebuka, OFILI Mary Isioma, OVUAKPORAYE Simon Irikefe, WILSON Iju Josiah, EBUWA Emmanuel Ikemefune, ALOAMAKA Chukwuemeka Peter (2022) Prenatal Stress Exposure Alters Key Maternal and Offspring Reproductive Hormonal Profile: Nature of Stress Reversal Responses, Azerbaijan Medical Journal › article › Vol.62(03) Pages: 1099-1118

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  • Beryl Shitandi Ominde, Joyce Ikubor, Wilson Iju, Okolugbo Nekwu, and Patrick Sunday Igbigbi. (2021) Variant Anatomy of the Nasal Turbinates in Adult Nigerians, European Journal of Rhinology and Allergy Vol.4(2) Pages: 36-40

  • Bartholomew Chukwuebuka Nwogueze, Anthony Emeka Ojieh, Josiah Iju Wilson, Simon Irikefe Ovuakporaye, Tarela Melish Elias Daubry, Peggy Ejiro Ohwin, Eromosele Michael Aisuodionoe, Oghenerukevwe Omeru, Ejime Agbonifo-chijiokwu, Chidinma Nwanneamaka Eke, Emmanuel Ikemefune Ebuwa, Chukwuemeka Peter Aloamaka (2021) Down regulatory response of reproductive potentials in stress-induced rats supplemented with clomifene citrate: The fate of infertility, Biomedicine & Pharmacotherapy Vol.143 (2021) Pages: 1-10

  • Nwogueze Bartholomew Chukwuebuka, Ojieh Anthony Emeka, Ovuakporaye Simon Irukefe, Wilson Josiah Iju, Ogbutor Udoji Godsday, Olowe Gideon Temitope, Eke Chidinma Nneamaka and Aloamaka Chukwuemeka Peter (2020) Stress-Induced Morphological Changes of Ovarian Histology of Female Wistar Rats, Biomedical & Pharmacology Journal › stress-induced-morp... Vol.13(4) Pages: 1625 - 1643

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