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  • Area of Specialization: Cardiovascular and Respiratory Physiology
  • Department of Physiology

  • Simon Irikefe Ovuakporaye (Ph. D, MSc, MBBS,) My university career started in June 2005 when I gained employment as Lecturer II in the Department of Human Physiology, Delta State University, Abraka. I joined a crop of other lecturers and non teaching staff in the department and medical school where i contributed my quota to the department, faculty and the college at its formative stages. I have been involved in the teaching of physiology to the medical and other Bachelor of science degree students in the Faculty of Basic Medical Sciences. I have also been involved in research and community services in the faculty of Basic Medical Sciences and the College as well as the University community. I have served as course adviser for various levels and course coordinator in the department of human physiology. I have also served the university in various capacity such as Faculty timetable and Examination officer, Associate dean, Acting director Community Based Experience and Services (COBES) and Faculty representative to the senate. I have also had the opportunity of supervising several undergraduate and a few post graduate students. I have benefited from the university through the experience gained by serving in various university committees such as Certificate Verification Committee and the university Strategic Planning Committee. I have also served the university as a postgraduate representative in the postgraduate defense examination. I have gained tremendous support and encouragement from colleagues in the university.
    My Publications
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    https://biomedpharmajournal.orgvol13no3/hypoglycemic-and-hypolipidemic-indices-of-ethanolic-leaf-extract-of-nephrolepis-undulata-in-alloxan-induced-diabetic-wistar-rats/vol. 13 pages: Vol.13(3) Pages: 1-16


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