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  • Area of Specialization: CARDIOVASCULAR PHYSIOLOGY
  • Department of Physiology

  • John Chukwuka Igweh is a Professor in the Department of Human Physiology, Delta State University Medical School. He holds a Ph.D. in Human Physiology. He was appointed Professor at University of Nigeria Nsukka in 2006. His research interests include Neuroscience, cardiopulmonary Physiology and Environmental Physiology. Professor Igweh has trained very many students across the country at both Masters and Doctoral levels. Some of whom are Professors already. Professor Igweh has attended numerous professional conferences and workshops in and several countries in Europe and the United States. He has over seventy scientific articles in peer reviewed journals. Professor Igweh has been Head of Department, Dean of Faculty, member of various committees across three Universities. He is a member of Nigerian Physiological society as well as The American Physiological society
    My Publications
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