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  • Area of Specialization: Family Physician
  • Department of Family Medicine

  • UMUKORO Duncan Ogheneovo, is a Nigerian, of Delta State Origin and an Urhobo by tribe. His Primary and Secondary Education were in Benin City, Edo State at Ogboe Primary School and Edo College respectively. He attended University of Ibadan, Nigeria where he obtained a Bachelor of Medicine and Surgery Degree (MB.BS) in January 1990. His residency training was at the then Eku Baptist Hospital and finally obtained the Fellow of the West African College of Physician in 2009. Currently a core family physician with clinical skills and research works cutting across many clinical disciplines. He has held many Departmental, Faculty and University positions. He is currently the Delta State Focal Person for Human African Trypanosomiasis (HAT) Elimination Project. Abraka community would remember him for pioneering the “War Against Sleeping Sickness” in the twin kingdom of Abraka. He is married to Florence, has three children; Onome, Enovwor and Oghenekevwe
    My Publications
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