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  • Area of Specialization: Sociology of Development, demography, gender studies, research methods
  • Department of Sociology & Psychology

  • Prof. Sam Omadjohwoefe Ogege was born to the family of late Jabin Omoterwigho Ogege Ogirihibo in Odja quarters in Uwheru kingdom, Ughelli North Local Government Area in the Delta Central Senatorial District of Delta State, Nigeria. After his primary and secondary education, he gained admission into the University of Calabar in 1992 to read Sociology in the Faculty of Social Sciences. At the end of the session in 100 level, he won the prize of the student with the highest Cumulative Grade Point Average (CGPA). He graduated with a Second Class Upper Division in 1997. During his NYSC in 1997-1998, he taught in Orinadu Secondary School, Ukehe in Igbotiti Local Government Area of Enugu State. He joined the Delta State University in February 7, 2000 as a Graduate Assistant in the Department of Sociology & Psychology in the Faculty of the Social Sciences. In 2001, he registered for his Masters degree in the University of Ibadan and he graduated with a sound M.Sc. Degree in Sociology. Thereafter, he registered for his doctorate degree and in 2010 he bagged his Ph.D. degree in Sociology from Delta State University, Abraka. By dint of hard work and academic sagacity, he rose through the ranks and his professorship was announced in 2018. Prof. Sam Ogege is an erudite scholar of national and international repute and he has published over 60 articles in both national and international journals and some texts to his credit. His area of interest includes Sociology of Development, Demography, Gender Studies and Research methods. He has attended numerous conferences and workshops. He was a Lead Researcher Representing Delta State on Post Amnesty Conflict Management Framework in the Niger Delta. Currently, he is also the lead researcher representing Delta State on Insecurity in the South-South: Issues, Actors and Solutions anchored by the Niger Delta Dialogue, Adjunct Lecturer, National Open University of Nigeria, Asaba Study Centre. In administrative capacity, he has been Member, DELSU Research Committee, Postgraduate Programme Coordinator, Assistant Hall Warden, Abraka, Hall, DELSU, Abraka, Weekend Degree Coordinator, Departmental Examination Officer, Head of Department and acting Dean – Faculty of the Social Sciences, Delta State University, Abraka.
    My Publications
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