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  • Area of Specialization: Urban and Regional Planning
  • Department of Political Science

  • Daniel Ovie Uwejeya is interested in research in Urban and Regional Planning with special focus on Housing Issues, the environment and the theoretical issues. Since joining the Department of geography and Regional Planning, he has taught courses in the Theory of Planning, Regional Planning and Rural and s settlement plg.
    My Publications
  1. Abotutu, A.A. & Uwejeya, D.O. (2014) Rent Component of the Household Budget as a Determinant of Housing Access in Udu L.G.A. of Delta State, Nigeria. , Journal of the Social and Management Sciences, Delta State University, Abraka
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  3. Abotutu A.A. & Uwejeya, D.O. (2013) Actualising Nigeria Vision 20: 2020: Constraints and pathwasys Contemporary , Journal of Social Science, Kogi State University, Anyigba
    Vol.3 (Special Edition ) Pages: 12 - 18

  4. Abotutu, A.A. & Uwejeya, D.O. (2012) Urbanization Processes and Environmental Degradation in the Niger Delta: Example from Warn Metropolis. , Journal of Environmental Planning and Management, AAU, Ekpoma.
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  6. Uwejeya, D.O. (2012) Residents Perception of Urban Environmental/Physical Planning Problems in Auchi and Igara, Edo State Nigeria in Efe SI. and Atubi A.O. (eds). Environment and Socio-Economic impacts of Natural Resources Exploitation in Auchi and Environs, Edo State Nigeria Delta State University, Abraka. , Occasional Publication Series
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