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  • Area of Specialization: Geophysics
  • Department of Physics
  • My Publications
  • Ochuko Anomohanran, Oghenetega Francisca Nakireru, Merrious Oviri Ofomola, Eguono Esther Anomohanran, Ezekiel Onoriode Abrika (2023) Assessment of groundwater potential of Somebreiro-Warri plain sand of Ughelli, Nigeria, Sustainable Water Resources Management/Springer International Publishing Vol.9 Pages: 26

  • Ogheneovo Akpoyibo, Onoriode Ezekiel Abriku, FC Ugbe, Ochuko Anomohanran (2023) Engineering assessment of Lateritic soils of Obiaruku highway sections in South-southern, Nigeria, Nigerian Journal of Theoretical and Environmental Physics Vol.1 Pages: 72-79

  • M. O. Ofomola, E. O. Abriku, O. Anomohanran, P. O. Otheremu and B. S. Utieyin (2023) Evaluation of Geophysical Parameters for Groundwater Productivity in the Commune of Jesse, Delta State Nigeria, Nigerian Journal of Basic and Applied Sciences Vol.31 Pages: 85-93

  • Okoh J., Abriku E., Egboro S. A. and Akpojotor G. E. (2023) Modified Reference Approach Python Multi-Platform Estimator for CO2 Emission (MRApy CO2) for the Three Major Petroleum Products, African Journal of Physics
    Vol.16 Pages: 1-12

  • M. O. Ofomola, A. K. Olawuyi, E. O. Abriku, O. Anomohanran and M. A. Bawallah (2022) Evaluation of Aquifer Hydraulic Properties and Vulnerability Indices in Mosogar using Geoelectrical Approach, Nigerian Journal of Basic and Applied Sciences Vol.30 Pages: 74-84

  • Stanley U Eze, Omafume M Orji, Abriku E Onoriode, Saleh A Saleh, Macpaul O Abolarin (2022) Integrated Geoelectrical Resistivity Method for Environmental Assessment of Landfill Leachate Pollution and Aquifer Vulnerability Studies, Journal of Geoscience and Environment Protection Vol.10 Pages: 1-26

  • FO Ezomo, E Justice, A Ojeabu, A Ezekiel (2015) Delineation of Subsurface Lithology using Two-Dimensional Geoelectrical Resistivity Imaging in Ologbo Area of Edo State, Nigeria, International Journal of Scientific & Engineering Research Vol.6 Pages: 1110-1118

  • Adagbon J.E. and Abriku E.O. Ezomo F.O. (2015) Geophysical determination of sand deposits using 2-Dimensional electrical resistivity imaging in Ologbo area of Edo State, Nigeria, Journal of Nigerian Association of Mathematical Physics (NAMP)
    Vol.31 Pages: 285-290