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  • Area of Specialization: Solid State Physics
  • Department of Physics

    My Publications
  1. Shaka O. Samuel, Clever K. Ojoba, E.P. Ogherohwo , Ernest O. Ojegu , J.T. Zhimwang , Arthur Ekpekpo , Imosobomeh L. Ikhioya (2023) The influence of precursor temperature on strontium sulphide doped silver for optoelectronic application, Journal of the Indian Chemical Society Vol.100 Pages:

  2. Alexander Ighemuno Agbrara , Ernest Ogheneruona Ojegu, Mike Onyekachukwu Osiele, Imosobomeh Lucky Ikhioya, (2023) Electrochemically Synthesize SrSe/ZrSe Heterostructure Material for Photovoltaic Application, Advanced Journal of Chemistry-Section A Vol.6 Pages: 401 - 411

  3. Ernest O. Ojegu, Shaka O. Samuel, Mike O. Osiele, Godfrey E. Akpojotor & Imosobomeh L. Ikhioya (2023) Optimisation of deposition voltage of zirconium- doped chromium telluride via typical three- electrode cell electrochemical deposition technique, Materials Research Innovations/Taylor and Francis Vol.  Pages: 1 - 9

  4. Ernest O. Ojegu, Ogo B. Odia, Mike O. Osiele, Akpojotor E. Godfrey, Imosobomeh L. Ikhioya (2023) Effect of precursor temperature on electrochemically deposited zirconium doped chromium telluride using a standard three-electrode system, Journal of Materials and Environmental Science Vol.14 Pages: 1148 - 1159

  5. Saba Ibrara, Ernest O. Ojegu, Ogo B. Odia, Imosobomeh L. Ikhioyaa, Shahbaz Afzala, Muhammad Oneeb, Ishaq Ahmada, (2023) Assessing High-Performance Energy Storage of the Synthesized ZIF-8 and ZIF-67, Journal of Applied Organometallic Chemistry/Sami Publishing Company (SPC) Vol.3 Pages: 294 - 307

  6. Omamoke O.E Enaroseha, Priscilla O Osuhor, Obed Oyibo, Ernest O Ojegu (2021) Theoretical Study of Phonon Spectra in Aluminium (Al) and Copper (Cu): Application of Density Functional Theory and Inter - Atomic Force Constant, Solid State Technology/ Vol.64 Pages: 1984 - 1999

  7. Ojegu Ernest O, Omamoke O.E Enaroseha (2020) Optical Properties of the Anatase Phase of Titanium Dioxide Thin Films Prepared by Electrostatic Spray Deposition, Nigerian Journal of Science and Environment / Faculty of Science, Delta State University Abraka, Nigeria Vol.18 Pages: 120 - 124

  8. Omamoke O.E Enaroseha, Ernest O Ojegu (2020) Computational Analyses of Heat Flux of Wall Y+ in Supercritical Fluid using STAR - CCM+ CFD Code, Journal Scientist Africana / Faculty of Science, University of Port Harcourt, Nigeria Vol.19 Pages: 139-150

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