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  • Area of Specialization: Condensed Matter Physics
  • Department of Physics

  • Friendly and warm person. Professor of Condensed Matter Physics with research interest Computational Physics, Positron Physics, Nano materials, Solar cells, Liquid metals and study of surfaces.
    My Publications
  1. Osiele O.M., Britton D.T., Harting M., Sperr, P., Topic, M. S.E., Shaheen, S.E. and Branz, H.M (2004) Defect Structural Characterization of Organic Polymer Layers, Journal of Non-Crystalline Solids
    Vol.338-340 Pages: 612- 616.

  2. Thovhogi T., Osiele O. M., Harting, M., and Britton, D.T. (2004) Characterization and Performance of Nano-crystalline Materials for Thin Film Electronic and Photovoltaic Applications, Physical Status Solidi (c),
    Vol.9 Pages: 2282 – 2285

  3. . Osiele O. M. (2004) Effect of Core Electrons on Positron Annihilation Rates in Metals., Journal of Natural Sciences and Mathematics
    Vol.44 Pages: 51 -60

  4. . Osiele O(2004). ,, Vol. 44, No.2: 27 -36. (2004) Positron Annihilation Rates in Semiconductors, Journal of Natural Sciences and Mathematics
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  5. Osiele O.M., Fuwape, I.A. and Asaolu I.A. (2002) Electronic Structure of A One- Dimensional Square Well Periodic Potential, Jurnal Fizik Malaysia.
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