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  • Area of Specialization: Optimization/Optimal Control Theory/Numerical Analysis/Probability and Stochastic Processes
  • Department of Mathematics

  • Dr. Joshua Sarduana Apanapudor is an Isokoman from Delta State of Nigeria. I grew up to love Mathematics from the primary school with the mental drills that was always on every Mathematics lesson. With this zeal, I was admitted into St. Michael's College Oleh, for a Teacher's Grade II certificate. However this passion was almost destroyed by the curriculum of the Teacher's programme which demands the teaching of only Arithmetic processes instead of the entire syllabus of Mathematics. With the assistance of our Mathematics teacher Late Mr Ebireri (from Orerokpe) who often engage us in private lessons, I made Mathematics as an optional paper in our final year exam and WAEC and later got admission into the University to read Economics. However, the passion made me change the course to Mathematics and graduated as the best student. This paved way for my employment as a graduate assistant by the Bendel State University, Ekpoma. After youths service, I proceeded for a Postgraduate diploma programme in Computer Science because I wanted to read Numerical Analysis, while teaching. The poor status of the academic staff then, drove us to do MBA, with the intention of changing job but this didn’t come as expected. Hence, I enrolled for Master of Science in Industrial Mathematics after the MBA programme. Graduating as the best student in the Department of Mathematics, I got admission immediately for my Ph.D in UniBen. For some obvious reasons, I changed to Ekiti State University, Ado – Ekiti, where I obtained the Doctor of Philosophy in Mathematics, in Optimization instead of Numerical Analysis. My current area of research is in Optimization/Optimal Control Theory. I have to my credit a good number of journal articles both local and international. Dr. Joshua Sarduana Apanapudor, is married to his lovely wife Lady Ogechi Livina Apanapudor and we are blessed with five beautiful angels.
    My Publications
  1. Ossai-ugbo Ifeanyi Marcus* , Okposo Newton Ighomaro and Apanapudor Joshua Sarduana (2024) Mathematical Modeling of Intra Communal Violence and Risk-Level Analysis. Case Study: Obiaruku Community in Delta State, Nigeria, Asian Journal of Probability and Statistics
    DOI: 10.9734/AJPAS/2024/v26i3599, Article no.AJPAS.113996 Vol.Volume 26, Issue 3 Pages: Page 44-66

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