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  • Area of Specialization: Science Education(Chemistry)
  • Department of Science Education

  • Tabeta Bethel Irivworho obtained a master of science (M.Sc.) in Chemistry from the University of Benin, in 1994. He also obtained a masters degree in Science Education (M.Ed.) (Chemistry) from Delta State University, in 2019. Abraka. He earlier obtained a Bachelor of Science Education B.Sc. (Ed.) in Chemistry from Bendel State University in 1990.
    My Publications
  1. Onohwosafe, P.S. and Tabeta, B.I. (2008) Effects of Noise on Hearing Capability of Workers that Operate Small Scale Business in Delta State University, Abraka., The Nigerian Academic Forum/ National Associaton of the Academcs
      Vol.14 Pages: 40 - 44

  2. Tabeta, B. and Okorodudu, R.I. (1999) Analysis of Alcoholic Contents in some Alcoholic Beverages and their Consequences on Consumers' Health: Implications for the 21st Century Teachers and Counsellors., Teacher Education
    Vol.1(2) Pages: 60 - 66