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  • Area of Specialization: Sports Management, Sports Marketing
  • Department of Human Kinetics, Recreation and Sport Science Edu.

  • Born January 24th, 1965 and a native of Evwreni in Ughelli North Local Government Area of Delta State. Attended the Government College, Ughelli (1975 - 1981) and trained as a teacher from St. Joseph's Teachers Training College, Ozoro (1981-1983), further obtained the Nigeria Certificate in Education (N.C.E) in 1987 from the Bendel State University, Ekpoma, Abraka Campus. Obtained B.Sc(Ed) in Physical and Health Education (1990) from the Bendel State University, Ekpoma, Abraka Campus where the award for being the "Best Academic Student" in the Faculty of Education was conferred in the 1987/1988 and 1988/1989 academic sessions. Awarded M.Ed in Sports Management (2000) and Ph.D Sports Management (Sports Marketing) in 2008 from the Delta State University, Abraka. I have held several administrative positions from Acting as Head of Department, Deputy Director (Pre-Degree (2009-2010) and Continuing Education (2010-2011) Programmes) to being the Acting Director of the General Studies Directorate (GST) (2016-2018). A member of the Teachers Registration Council Of Nigeria (TRCN) and currently a representative of Congregation (Academic) in the Governing Council of the Delta State University, Abraka. An astute believer of equality for all without recourse to differences in ethnicity, gender, colour, religious leanings and nationality with the firm resolve to building the total man through physical activity. Upholds a very strong rationale for "ALL FOR ONE, ONE FOR ALL".
    My Publications
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