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  • Area of Specialization: Science Education
  • Department of Science Education

  • Dr. Iroriteraye-Adjekpovu, Janice Imizuokena obtained her Ph.D 20006, M.Ed 1999 in Educational Technology at Univesity of Port Harcourt, River State, B.A. in Fine and Applied Arts 1990 at Bendel University, Ekpoma and NCE 1985 in Fine/Applied Arts at College of Education, Warri. Dr. Janice Imizuokena is currently the Deputy Director of General Studies and a Member in Predegree Board. Some of her previous responsibilities include: Member, investigation Committee of the Fire Incident of the Post Graduate Hostel, Female Wing, Staff Adviser Science Education, Hall Warden of Ethiope Hall, 2002 to 2005, Mathematics Education Course Adviser 2000 till date
    My Publications
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