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  • Area of Specialization: Educational Measurement and Evaluation
  • Department of Guidance and Counselling

  • Dr. Morrison O. Jessa, a distinguished Psychometrician, scholar, and ICT trailblazer! With an illustrious academic journey culminating in a Ph.D. in Measurement and Evaluation, is a Lecturer of Educational Measurement and Evaluation in the Department of Guidance and Counselling, Delta State University, Abraka Nigeria. Dr. Jessa stands at the forefront of cutting-edge expertise. Specializing in areas such as Item Response Theory, Classical Test Theory, Psychometric Data Forensic, and Quantitative Research Methods, he is a beacon of knowledge and innovation. Dr. Jessa's extensive repertoire extends to Programme Evaluation, Statistical Data Analysis, and the intricate realm of Software for Investigating Test Fraud (SIFT). As an expert in Oracle Database administration, his proficiency knows no bounds. A prolific researcher, his contributions grace reputable local and international journals, reinforcing his eminence in the field. Notably, Dr. Jessa serves as a discerning reviewer for prestigious journals, many featured in the revered Web of Science Peer Review Database. Open to forging collaborative research ventures both locally and internationally, he invites visionary minds to join him in the pursuit of groundbreaking discoveries. For those seeking a dynamic collaborator, Dr. Jessa is your gateway to unparalleled expertise. Connect with him today via email at or on his mobile phone at +2348067950556. Embark on a journey of innovation and transformative research with the extraordinary Dr. Morrison O. Jessa.
    My Publications
  1. Jessa, M. O., & Obata, R. O. (2024) Assessment of Educational Facilities and Administrative Effectiveness in Colleges of Education: A Case Study of Delta State, Asian Research Journal of Arts & Social Sciences Vol.22(1) Pages: 30-42

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  3. Jessa, M. O., Odili, J. N., & Osadebe, P. U. (2023) Development of Social Studies Aptitude Test for Testing Critical Thinking Skills: Implication for the Achievement of Education for Sustainable Development (ESD), Canadian Journal of Educational and Social Studies Vol.3(4) Pages: 99-119

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