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  • Area of Specialization: African Literature (Oral and Written), Minority Studies, World Literature, Literature of the Black Diaspora
  • Department of English and Literary Studies

  • Mathias is interested in poetry and poetics, minority studies, world literature, African literature, and literature of the Black Diaspora.
    My Publications
  1. Orhero, Mathias Iroro and Edung, Samuel Ukeme (2019) Satire and Satirical Strategies in Joe Ushie's Popular Stand and Rome Aboh's A Torrent of Terror, Abraka Humanities Review's_Popular_Stand_and_Rome_Aboh's_A_Torrent_of_Terror/links/5e55a09d92851cefa1c47968/Satirical-Forms-and-Strategies-in-Joe-Ushies-Popular-Stand-and-Rome-Abohs-A-Torrent-of-Terror.pdf Vol.9.1: 137-152 Pages:

  2. Orhero, Mathias Iroro and Ohwavworhua, Prince Oghenetega (2019) Eco-Activism in Nnimmo Bassey's I Will Not Dance to Your Beat and Albert Otto's Letters from the Earth, UNIUYO Journal of Humanities Vol.23.2 Pages: 299-312

  3. Orhero, Mathias Iroro and Nathaniel, Ojima Sunday (2018) A Marxist Study of Police Brutality in Alex La Guma's A Walk in the Night, Calabar Journal of Liberal Studies's_A_Walk_in_the_Night/links/5ae498e0a6fdcc3bea95b505/A-Marxist-Study-of-Police-Brutality-in-Alex-La-Gumas-A-Walk-in-the-Night.pdf Vol.20.1 Pages: 66-81

  4. Orhero, Mathias Iroro (2017) History and Politics in 21st Century Nigerian Poetry, The Guardian Literary Series part-1 Vol.29 & 30 Pages:

  5. Orhero, Mathias Iroro (2017) Trends in Modern African Poetic Composition: Identifying the Canons, UNIUYO Journal of Humanities Vol.21.1 Pages: 145-164

  6. Orhero, Mathias Iroro (2017) Urhobo Folklore and Udje Aesthetics in Ojaide's in the House of Words and Songs of Myself, CLCWeb: Comparative Literature and Culture Vol.19.2 Pages:

  7. Orhero, Mathias Iroro (2017) Individualism and Memory: Robert Frost and Tanure Ojaide, Tydskrif vir Letterkunde Vol.54.2 Pages: 122-135

  8. Orhero, Mathias Iroro (2017) Little Magazines & the Development of Modern African Poetry, African Literature Today Vol.35 Pages: 161-190

  9. Orhero, Mathias Iroro (2017) Rewriting the Caribbean Experience in Homerian Style: A Study of Themes, Style and Vision in Derek Walcott’s Omeros, Annals of Humanities and Development Studies's_Omeros/links/5a3148f6a6fdcc9b2d296fd7/Rewriting-the-Caribbean-experience-in-Homerian-style-A-Study-of-Themes-Style-and-Vision-in-Derek-Walcotts-Omeros.pdf Vol.8.1 Pages: 48-60