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  • Area of Specialization: Science Education/ Curriculum Studies
  • Department of Science Education
  • My Publications
  • O. Patrick Ajaja & Urhievwejire Ochuko Agboro-Eravwoke (2017) Collection and analysis of students' metacognitive orientations for science learning: A survey of science classrooms in delta state, Nigeria, Electronic journal of science education/ EJSE Vol.Vol 21 (8) Pages: 1-20

  • Patrick O. Ajaja & Urhievwejire Ochuko Eravwoke (2013) Teachers characteristics and science teachers classroom behavior: Evidence from science classroom surveys, US-China education review B
    Vol.Vol 3(1) Pages: 36-53

  • Patrick Osawaru Ajaja & Ochuko Eravwoke Urhievwejire (2012) Effects of 5E learning cycle on students achievement in biology and chemistry , Cypriot journal of Educational Sciences Vol.Vol 7 (3) Pages: 1-17

  • Ajaja O. Patrick & Eravwoke Ochuko Urhievwejire (2012) Is soliciting important in science? An investigation of science teacher-students questioning interaction , International Education Studies Vol.Vol 5(1) Pages: 191-199

  • O. Patrick Ajaja & Ochuko Urhievwejire Eravwoke (2010) Effects of cooperative learning strategy on junior secondary school students achievement in integrated science , Electronic journal of science education/ EJSE Vol.Vol 14 (1) Pages: 1-18