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  • Area of Specialization: Maritime Law, Oil and Gas Law
  • Department of Commercial and Property Law

  • Lecturer, Faculty of Law, Delta State University Oleh Campus Nigeria.
    My Publications
  1. Aaron Ologe (2024) Enforcement Framework for Maritime Regulations: Penalties and Compliance in Nigeria , International Journal of Law and Jurisprudence
      Vol.6 Pages: 134-138

  2. Aaron Ologe; Humphrey Ejovwo Eboh (2024) Intersecting Maritime Piracy Laws: Exploring UNCLOS 1982 Provisions , Journal of Humanities, Literature and Art Research
      Vol.6 Pages: 56-70

  3. Aaron Ologe (2023) Advancing Indigenous Ship Building in Nigerian Maritime Industry: Strategies for Bridging the Gap, Law and Social Justice Review
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  4. Aaron Ologe (2023) Re-Evaluating Local Content and Waiver Principles in the Nigerian Cabotage Regime: A Comprehensive Analysis , Nigerian Journal of Legal Studies Vol.11 Pages: 53-62

  5. Aaron Ologe; Humphrey Ejovwo Eboh (2023) An Analysis of Piracy Provisions Under Nigeria 's Suppression of Piracy Act 2019, International Review of Law and Jurisprudence Vol.5 Pages: 46-49

  6. Aaron Ologe (2023) A Medico-Legal Analysis of Confidentiality: Discerning Public Interest and What is Interesting to the Public , Delsu Law Review Vol.9 Pages: 75-94

  7. Aaron Ologe (2023) Examining the Legal and Economic Indices of Floating Charges: A Comprehensive Analysis , Journal of Legal Studies & Research Vol.9 Pages: 132-148