Eminent Professor Andy Ogochukwu is a Star. “There are born stars and there are stars that are made. Whatever means through which one becomes a star is predicated upon the influence he has and the contribution he has made within and outside his environment”. Andy Ogochukwu Egwunyenga is an erudite Professor of Parasitology and a Public Health Consultant. He is the Vice-Chancellor of Delta University, Abraka, with effect from 1st December, 2019, and a former Rector of the Delta State Polytechnic, Ogwashi-Uku, all in Delta State, Nigeria.  He was born on the 4th of April, 1960 in Issele- Uku, Delta State, Nigeria to the family of Mr and Mrs Godwin Egwunyenga of Ogbe-Ute Quarters Atuma- Iga, Oshimili North Local Government Area of Delta State. Andy Egwunyenga educational career started with Local Authority Primary School, Onicha Olona (1965–1967) and St. Monica Primary School, Illah (1967–1969) all in Delta State, where he obtained his First School Leaving Certificate in 1969. He thereafter had his secondary education in St. Paul Grammar School, Ebu, Delta State (1971–1973), Rimi College, Kaduna (1974-1977) and finished up at Federal Government College, Kaduna, Kaduna State (1977–1979)where he obtained his West African Secondary School Certificate in 1979 in flying colours. He immediately, got admitted into the University of Lagos where he obtained his B.Sc. (Hons.) degree in Zoology with 2nd Class Upper Division in 1982.

Andy Ogochukwu Egwunyenga started his teaching career immediately after his National Youth Service Programme under the employment of the Federal Polytechnic, Bauchi in 1983 as Lecturer III. He steadily grew without losing any promotion to become a Senior Lecturer at the Polytechnic in 1992. During this period, he furthered his studies at the University of Jos and obtained a Master of Science (M.Sc.) in Zoology with specialization in Applied Entomology and Parasitology in 1990. He graduated with a Distinction on an enviable average score 74.5%.As a Scholar who desired to contribute hugely to mankind, he  immediately  registered  for  a  Ph.D.  programme  at  the  same  University  of  Jos  in 1991.However, shortly after the creation of Delta State and the Delta State University, Abraka he got appointed into the University’s Department of Zoology and thereafter bagged the Doctorate in 1997 in Parasitology and Entomology. Andy Ogochukwu Egwunyenga became a Professor of Zoology at the Delta State University in 2005 at a young age and has been serving as external examiner and assessor to many Nigerian Universities for the examination of Ph.D. and MSc Theses and assessment of Senior Academic Staff to Professorial Cadre. Prof. Egwunyenga to this day  is one of the highly celebrated past Chairmen of ASUU at the Delta State University Abraka as under his leadership, the University Staff became the highest paid University employees in Nigeria with 70% of Basic Salary as Housing Allowance and 44% Excess Work Load. Professor Egwunyenga has devoted much his time to the service of God and humanity as a devout Catholic. He is a husband of one wife, Prof. Mrs. Ebele Egwuyenga of the Department of Educational Administration, Delta State University, Abraka. They are blessed with a daughter, Abigail Ogechukwu Egwunyenga.

Research archive/ Contribution to Science

Prof. Egwunyenga is a very active researcher. His interest in Parasitology and Entomology issues was kindled during his National Youths Service (NYSC). His enthusiasm in this field of endeavour propelled him into research in toxicity of Capsicum spp and Aframemum melagueta bioremediation, Distribution of Cicadulina, Epidemiology aspects of onchocerciasis, Malaria infection of the cord birth weights in Nigerians etc., where he published extensively.  It is worthy to mention at this juncture that what brought this erudite scientist/researcher to be acclaimed internationally are his several contributions to knowledge and proffered tangible solutions to parasitological problems.  He has published over 50 high quality scientific articles spread in different peer-reviewed reputable scientific journals, nationally and internationally and has also presented many scientific papers at revered professional local and foreign conferences. He has also successfully supervised twenty one (21) PhD and MSc students in Parasitology and Entomology. At the moment, he has three (3) other PhD students working under him. Even as the Rector of the Delta State Polytechnic, Ogwashi-Uku, he continued to teach his Postgraduate courses at Delta State University Abraka while on Leave of Absence. Some of the students that passed through him are now distinguished professors, administrators, politicians, businessmen and women etc.

In May 2014, Prof. Egwunyenga delivered the ever green 35th in the Series of Inaugural Lectures of the Delta State University, Abraka titled “Monsters inside Us: Killing and Eating us Alive. It was a well- attended and highly commended inaugural lecture. Prof. Egwunyenga has over thirty-seven (37) years of teaching (Polytechnic and University) and Administrative experience in Nigeria. Furthermore, he was part of the pioneer team that fostered academic excellence at the Department of Zoology, Delta State University, Abraka and nurtured to fruition four Postgraduate programmes in the Department namely; Hydrobiology and Fisheries, Applied Entomology, Parasitology, Pests and Disease Management from where over 500 Scientists from within and outside Nigeria has been produced.

Membership of Professional bodies

Prof. Egwunyenga is a member of several professional associations: Fellow, Royal Society of Tropical Medicine and Hygiene, London; Member, Nigeria Society for Parasitology; Member, Entomological Society of Nigeria; Member, Science Association of Nigeria and Member, Nigeria Institute of Management (NIM).


Rector/Chief Executive Officer, Delta State Polytechnic, Ogwashi-Uku (2007 – 2011),  Chairman, Academic Staff Union of Universities (ASUU), Delta State University, Abraka (2001 – 2005), Acting Director, Institute of Science Laboratory Technology (ISLT), Delta State University, Abraka (2004), Director, Institute of Science Laboratory Technology (ISLT), Delta State University, Abraka (2005 –

2007), Coordinator of Postgraduate Programme, Department of Animal and Environmental Biology, Delta State University, Abraka (2012–2016).Prof. Egwunyenga also served as member: representing Faculty of Sciences in the Senate of the Delta State University, Abraka (1996–1999);Delta State University Abraka, Senior Staff Club Management Committee (1995–1996); Delta State University Abraka, Admissions Board (1997–2001); Delta State University Abraka, Research and Publications Committee etc.  He was between 1998  and 2011, the Business Editor and Member, Editorial Board of the Journal of Science and Environment, Delta State University, Abraka and the Financial Secretary and Member of Council, Nigeria Society for Parasitology.

Community Service/Special Recognitions

 Delta State University Vice Chancellor has the unique experience of combining academics and administration with trade unionism and distinguished services to government and community.  He has served Delta State Government in various capacities. These include: Member, Delta State Vision 20:2020

Technical Committee, 2009-2010; Member,   Transition Committee, 2015;   Secretary,   Human Development Committee,  Transition Committee, 2015; Member,  Delta State Advisory and Peace Building Council, 2015-2019. He is also an active member of Amnesty International and Chairman, Research and Publications Committee of Forum of Delta State Intellectuals for Good Governance (FIDAGG). Prof. Egwunyenga has won numerous meritorious awards, among which are; Award of Excellence for Administration by the Students Union Government, Delta State Polytechnic, Ogwashi– Uku (2007/2008), Golden Award for Excellence for Hardwork, Transparency and Accountability, and Contribution to Development to Education in Nigeria by Nigerian Print Journalism Development Organization (2010), NAPS Platinum Service Award by National Association of Polytechnic Students (NAPS) [2010], Nigeria Library Association, [NLA] Award of Excellence as The Most Outstanding Library Development Administrator (2010), Honorary Fellowship Award by Nigeria Institute of Landscape  Horticulturists  For  Great  Contribution  to  Landscape  Development,  Award  by  National Association of Science Technology Student (NASTES), Nigerian Institute of Science Laboratory Technology, Delta State University, Abraka, for Immense Contribution Towards Advancement of Science and Technology Globally (2010), Excellence Award Certificate, as Anioma Professor of the Year, 2015 by Anioma Media Network, March (2016).


Selected Publications of Professor Andy Ogochukwu Egwunyenga Journal Articles

1. Egwunyenga, O.A and Alo, E.B. (1991) Laboratory evaluation of the toxicity of         Capsicum spp and Aframemummelagueta on copea weevil (Callosobruchus maculates).Nigeria Journal of Agricultural Technology. 3:48 – 55.  

2. Alo, E.B and Egwunyenga, O.A (1991).  Distribution of Cicadulina spp (Hemiptera:  Cicadiilucade) in a cornfield: the role of undergrowth grasses. Journal of  Technology and Development 2. (1) 20 - 22  

3. Egwunyenga, O.A, Nmorsi, O.P.G and Omokaiye, O.O (1994)  Schistosomiasis in  Bauchi; Nigeria.  The Nigerian Journal of Parasitology. 14:35 – 41.

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Tertiary Textbooks 48 Egwunyenga, O.A and Nmorsi, O.P.G (1998).  Vector Biology and Control.  Pon.  Publishers Ltd. Agbor, Delta State, Nigeria.

 Chapter in Referred Book

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 Conferences attended with papers read:

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 Other workshops, conferences, training programme attended 24. Two Day Expanded Federal Ministry of Education Retreat for All Education  Stakeholders at the International Conference Centre, Abuja, 27 – 28 a March,  2009.

 25. Mandatory Anti-Corruption Sensitization Workshop, Organization by Anti-corruption  and Transparency Units (ACTUS), National Board for Technical Educational,  Rock View Hotel, Abuja, 5-8, May, 2009

 26. Rector’s Study Visit to the United Kingdom, on Continently and Change in British  Technical/Vocational Education. 12 – 18 July, 2009

27. Annual National Management Conference, Nigeria Institute of Management on Managing Pest Petroleum Nigeria: The Critical Imperatives, at International  Conference Centre, Garki, Abuka 27-29, September, 2009. 28. 37th Annual Conference, Parasitology and Public Health Society of Nigeria (PPSN), Held at University of Nigeria, Nsuka, 17th – 20th September, 2013.  

29. 39th Annual Conference, Parasitology and Public Health Society of Nigeria and 40th Anniversary Held at Federal University, Lafia, Nasarawa State, 2nd – 5th September, 2015.  

30. 40th Annual Conference, Parasitology and Public Health Society of Nigeria Held at  Federal University Agriculture, Ogun State 21st – 24th September, 2016.