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  • Area of Specialization: design and thermodynamics
  • Department of Mechanical Engineering

  • Engr. Dr Jude Ebieladoh Sinebe, Fellow of Nigerian Society of Engineers and Fellow of Nigerian Institution of Mechanical Engineers enjoys dual Registration with COREN as an Engineer and Engineering Technologist. Engr Dr Jude Ebieladoh Sinebe, FNSE, FNIMechE, obtained his Master of Engineering & Doctor of Philosophy both in Mechanical Engineering Specializing in Thermal Power Engineering, Post Graduate Diploma in Mechanical/Production Engineering and City & Guilds Part 1,2 & 3 (HND Equivalent) in Mechanical Engineering in 1995. Engr Dr Jude Ebieladoh Sinebe with vast Experience in Private and Public Sectors is a christian of the Catholic faith and married to with Children.
    My Publications
  1. SINEBE, Jude Ebieladoh (2023) FATIGUE NATURE OF WELDED A7N01S-T5 ALUMINUM ALLOY AND REACTION TO STRESS CONCENTRATION, Nexus : Journal of Innovative Studies of Engineering Science ( JISES ) Vol.2(8) Pages: 81-93

  2. SINEBE, Jude Ebieladoh (2023) THE USE OF RENEWABLE ENERGY TO PRODUCE AIR BLOWER IN CHARCOAL FURNACE FOR ALUMINUM RECYCLING, Web of Scholars: Multidimensional Research Journal(MRJ) Vol.2(9) Pages: 1-13

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