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  • Kigho Moses Oghenejoboh , Henry Oghenero Orugba, Ufuoma Modupe Oghenejoboh, Samuel Enahoro Agarry (2021) Value added cassava waste management and environmental sustainability in Nigeria: A review, Environmental Challenges Vol. Pages:

  • Henry Oghenero Orugba, Lawrence Chukwuka Edomwonyi-Otu (2021) Improving the Activity and Stability of Turtle Shell-derived Catalyst in Alcoholysis of Degraded Vegetable Oil: An Experimental Design Approach, Journal of King Saud University - Engineering Sciences Vol. Pages:

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  • Henry Oghenero ORUGBA, Okechukwu Dominic ONUKWULI, Akinpelu Kamoru BABAYEMI, Jonah Chukwudi UMEZUEGBU (2020) Application of the Shrinking Core Models to Hydrochloric Acid Dissolution of Alumina from Clay, ABUAD Journal of Engineering Research and Development (AJERD)
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