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  • Area of Specialization: Health Informatics, Informetrics, cloud storage, archivisation, cloud computing, blockchain, digitization, Indigenous knowledge, Public Library and Ethics
  • Department of Library & Information Science

  • Diodemise Ese Ovwasa, PhD (South Africa), MSc (Nigeria) and BLS (Nigeria) (LRCN), is a Health Informaticist Lecturer and staff of Delta State University, Abraka. She is currently lectuere 1 in the Department of Library and Information Science of the same University. Dr. Ovwasa has published articles in various Journals, nationally and internationally from 2014 till date. Her research focuses on Health Informatics, Artificial Intelligent, cloud computing, public Library, Research methodoloy and the global politics of knowledge management (SMEs) in the 21st century. Ovwasa D.E. received her PhD from the University of ZuluLand where she studied as a Health Informatics scholar and then worked as research Assistant in the Faculty of Arts, the department of English Library and the University main Library using the (SirsiDynix Symphony workflows). She also taught and supervises various courses as a research assistant in the department of Information Studies for the year 2018 to 2019. Presently, she has lecture Computer and Data processing in her home University. She is a member, Nigeria Library Association and Librarian Registration Council of Nigeria. In recognition of her dedicated work and organizing ability to promote the cause of Librarianship during her National Service year in 2003, she was honored with National Youth Service Corps State Directors Recognition Certificate. Her research ID is Cell: +2348061642273 Email:
    My Publications
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