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  • Area of Specialization: Histology and Reproductive Biology
  • Department of Anatomy and Cell Biology
  • My Publications
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  • Onyilo PO, Ahama EE, Uwoh E (2020) Anthropometric Study of Cormic index of Itsekiri and Ijaw Ethnicities in Delta State, Nigeria, International Journal of Forensic and Medical Investigations/Faculty of Basic Medical Sciences, Delta State University, Abraka Vol.5 Pages: 46-51

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    Vol.20 Pages: 21-26

  • Moke GG, Anachuna KK, Onyilo PO, Emosivbe M (2019) Vitamin C in-vivo Effect on Liver Enzymes and Some Endogenous Antioxidant in Paracetamol-Induced Model of Liver Toxicity on Wistar Rats., Journal of Applied Science and Environmental Management/World Bank Assisted National Agricultural Research(NARP) Faculty of Sciences, University of Portharcourt, Nigeria Vol.23 Pages: 1323-1327

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    https://journalofanatomical Vol.10 Pages: 68-72

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