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  • Area of Specialization: Executorship and Trusteeship Accounts
  • Department of Accounting

  • I am a committed academic with a simple and gentle approach to issues and avoid arguments
    My Publications
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  2. Izomoh,O.S and Ojugbeli O.C (2020) Social cost accounting and corporate performance :evidence from Nigerian listed companies , journal of management sciences
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  5. Ojugbeli. O.C (2018) Governance structure and earnings quality in an oil driven economy:a study of Nigerian oil and gas firms , Nigerian journal of management sciences
    Vol.6 (2) Pages: 284-291

  6. EBIAGHAN, F.O. & OJUGBELI, O.C. (2018) An Empirical Examination of the Nexus between Shadow Banking Services and Nigeria Economic Growth, Sahel Analyst Journal of Management Sciences /Faculty of Management Science University of Maiduguri
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  7. EBIAGHAN, F.O., OJUGBELI, O.C. & OKOYE, E. (2017) Toxic Assets Dilemma and the Health of Deposit Money Banks: Assessing the performance of the Asset Management Company of Nigeria. , Journal of Social and Management Sciences, - Faculty of the Social Sciences, Delta State University, Abraka
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