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  • Area of Specialization: Artificial Intelligence (AI)
  • Department of Computer Science

  • C.itp. Okorodudu O. Franklin is an academia with proven abilities to carry out teaching and research in Computer Science and related topics in information science, his passion in delivering result is exceptional on student experience in a research intensive to final year in the University. Over the years he has taught at graduate, undergraduate and diploma levels at Delta State University, Abraka and Delta State Polytechnic otefe Oghara. He has led weekly sections, given full lectures, mentored students individually, and written problem and sets examination. He had his primary education at St. Luke’s Anglican School, Idiagba Titun, Akure, Ondo State (1983-1988), secondary education at Mohammed Kobo Secondary School, Lapai, Niger State (1989-1995), first degree in Industrial Mathematics from Delta State University Abraka (1998-2002) shortly after his National Youth Service Corps (NYSC) in Doyin Hotels Igboho, Oyo State (2003). He proceeded to Ebonyi State University, Abakaliki where he obtained a Post Graduate Diploma (2004-2005), Master’s Degree (2008-2010) and PhD degree (2012-2017) all in Computer Science. He also has Diploma in Computer Operation form Delta State University, Abraka, (2000-2002), General Health Safety and Environment from Nigerian Institute of Safety Professionals (2002). He is certified in Customer Relationship Management (2011), Project Management Professional (2010), Relational Database Management System (RDBMS) (2010), Customer Requirement Analysis (2010), Web Design Concepts (2010), Data Modeling Concepts (2010) and Computer Fundamentals (Win XP) (2010). And has undergone training in Cisco Certified Network Associate (CCNA) and Oracle Database Administrator (OCA) both in 2007 from Uranium Technologies, Abakaliki, Ebonyi State-Nigeria. In the past couple of years he has devoted his time towards contributing his quota to the growth of the academic environment. Particularly, as a lecturer in the Delta State Polytechnics Otefe-Oghara, he has been involved in the lecturing and mentoring of National Diploma (ND) and Higher National Diploma (HND) students of Computer science as well as those in sister disciplines in the institution. Presently, he is lecturing and mentoring the undergraduate (B.Sc) and postgraduate (M.Sc) degree students in machine learning, artificial intelligence, data learning, algorithms in Delta State University Abraka-Nigeria and have supervised over 50 students ‘academic thesis and has co-peer review of both local and international journals for publication in International journal of Research and Innovation in Social Science (IJRISS), African Educational Research Journal (AERJ) and Educational Research Journal on selected area in utilization of e-learning tools. In the course of his PhD studies, he modeled a petroleum pipeline detection system for use in the Niger Delta region of Nigeria. This research earned him his PhD degree in artificial intelligence/modeling simulations in 2018. He invented “Sabotage and Leakage Monitoring Device / Petroleum Pipeline Vandalism Monitoring Device”, and also co - invented “Water Level Monitoring with PH, Temperature and Turbidity Device” which was wildly accepted and recommended for use. C.itp. Okorodudu O. Franklin is a registered member of the Computer Professionals (Registration Council) of Nigeria (MCPN), Nigerian Computer Society (MNCS), International Computer Science and Engineering Society, (MICESES), International Association of Engineers (MIAENG), International Society of Artificial Intelligence (MISAI), International Society of Computer Science (MISCS), International Society of Software Engineering (MISSE), Executive Member-International Association of Academicians, Scholars, Scientists & Engineers (MIAASSE) among others. Conclusively, he has been involved in research theory and practice of artificial Intelligent using tools from algorithm design, game theory, machine learning, data science and also exploring the impact of these technologies on the societies as well as related fields. He has published international and local journals, book chapters, book of abstract, book sections and presented papers in both international and local conferences and seminars. C.itp. Okorodudu O. Franklin is happily married to Mrs. Franklin-Okorodudu Helen Amreminuru.
    My Publications
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