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  • Area of Specialization: Mathematical Modelling
  • Department of Mathematics

  • I am Mr. Marcus Ifeanyi Ossaiugbo, a Mathematician. I hail from Ukwuani Local Government Area of Delta State, and I am a Baptist by faith. My area of specialization is Mathematical Modelling. I obtained my Bachelor of Science Degree from the Delta State University, Abraka with a First Class (Honours) in Mathematics, which made me outstanding, as I also emerged as the Best Graduating Student of the prestigious University, 2014/2015 academic session. I also obtained my Master of Science Degree from the Department of Mathematics, Delta State University, Abraka. I am proud of my research ON OPTIMAL CONTROL OF THE PNEUMONIA DISEASE, which formed my Dissertation for the M.Sc. Degree Program. By the grace of God I have some publications on Mathematical Modelling of infectious diseases, ranging from "Mathematical Modeling and Analysis ofPneumonia Infection Dynamics" to "Bifurcation Analysis of a Mathematical Model for the Covid-19 Infection among Pregnant and Non-Pregnant Women". I am a proud member of Delta State University Covid-19 Research Team. Above all, see Rev. 1:8. Our God Almighty be praised forever more. Amen.
    My Publications
  1. Ossaiugbo Ifeanyi Marcus, Atonuje Augustine, Tsetimi Jonathan (2024) A Co-infection Model for Monkeypox and HIV/AIDS: Sensitivity and Bifurcation Analyses, Journal of Scientific Research and Reports
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  2. Ossaiugbo Ifeanyi Marcus, Atonuje Augustine, Tsetimi Jonathan, Okposo Newton Ighomaro (2024) Mathematical Formulation of a Co-infection Model and its Analyses for Monkeypox and HIV/AIDS Infections, Asian Research Journal of Mathematics
    10.9734/ARJOM/2024/v20i3788 Vol.20 Pages: 12-39

  3. Ossaiugbo Ifeanyi Marcus, Okposo Newton Ighomaro, Apanapudor Joshua Sarduana (2024) Mathematical Modeling of Intra-Communal Violence and Risk-Level Analysis. Case Study: Obiaruku Community in Delta State, Nigeria, Asian Journal of Probability and Statistics
    10.9734/AJPAS/2024/v26i3599 Vol.26 Pages: 44-66

  4. Jonathan Tsetimi1, Marcus Ifeanyi Ossaiugbo, Augustine Atonuje (2022) Bifurcation Analysis of a Mathematical Model for the Covid-19 Infection among Pregnant and Non-Pregnant Women, EUROPEAN JOURNAL OF PURE AND APPLIED MATHEMATICS Vol.15(2) Pages: 537-556

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