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  • Area of Specialization: Conflict History and Intergroup Relations; International Studies.
  • Department of History and International Studies

  • Uwomano Benjamin OKPEVRA, PhD., (JP), MHSN, MNIIA, AFAAN, FIIAS, is an Associate Professor with the Department of History and International Studies, Delta State University, Abraka, Nigeria. He holds a PhD in History & International Studies. His research interest is in the area of Conflict History and Inter-Group Relations and International Studies. He is an Associate Editor with Common Ground Publishing, University of Illinois Research Park, U.S.A. and Editorial Council Member and pioneer Editor-in-Chief, International Scholar Journal of Arts and Social Science Research (ISJASSR), and Member, Editorial Board, CARI Journals. He is a member of the Historical Society of Nigeria, (MHSN); Nigeria Institute of International Affairs (MNIIA); Associate Fellow African Academic Network (AFAAN) and Fellow, Ife Institute of Advanced Studies (FIIAS).
    My Publications
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