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  • Area of Specialization: African and Eco-critical Literature
  • Department of English and Literary Studies

  • Prince Oghenetega Ohwavworhua currently works at the Department of English and Literary Studies, Faculty of Arts, Delta State University, Abraka. He does research in Literary Theory and Criticism, Eco-criticism, as well as, African and English Literature.
    My Publications
  1. Ohwavworhua, Prince Oghenetega (2023) Re-Engaging Alterity and Disillusionment in Selected Nigerian Novels, Ebonyi State University Journal of Social Sciences and Humanities Vol.13.1 Pages: 64-74

  2. Egbedi, Martha Omotetobore (PhD) & Ohwavworhua, Prince Oghenetega (2023) Father-Absenteeism and Displacement in Kaine Agary's Yellow-Yellowand Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie's Zikora, Ethiope Journal of English, Literary and Cultural Studies Vol.1.1 Pages: 218-230

  3. Okon, Imo Ekpe & Ohwavworhua, Prince Oghenetega (2022) Modernist Aesthetics in Modern African Poetry, Global Journal of Communication and Humanities Vol.1.2 Pages: 1-14

  4. Ohwavworhua, Prince Oghenetega (2021) Ecological Injustice and Solidarity in the Poetry of Selected Niger-Delta Poets, Abraka Humanities Review Vol.11.1 Pages: 42-54

  5. Ohwavworhua, Prince Oghenetega (2019) Rethinking Activism in the Literary Representation of Nature in Selected Nigerian Drama Texts, Abraka Humanities Review Vol.9.1 Pages: 88-100

  6. Ohwavworhua, Prince Oghenetega and Orhero, Iroro Mathias (2019) Eco-Activism in Nnimmo Bassey's I Will Not Dance to Your Beat and Albert Otto's Letters from the Earth, University of Uyo Journal of Humanities's_I_Will_Not_Dance_to_Your_Beat_and_Albert_Otto's_Letters_from_the_Earth Vol.23.2 Pages: 299-312