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  • Area of Specialization: Agricultural Entreprenureship, Agricultural Financing and Food security
  • Department of Agriculture Extension

  • Dr. R.A. Isiorhovoja started his work career as a civil servant with the Federal Department of Agriculture and Rural Development. he served in the specialist organization christened Agricultural Projects Monitoring & Evaluation Unit (APMEU). As an evaluation officer, he was involved in determining and coordinating programme/project evaluation activities; instruments design and conduct of agronomic surveys and periodic/impact assessments surveys; supervised the conduct of periodic market price survey; participated in midterm review of programme/projects; participated in multilateral financial agencies thematic supervision missions and commissioned studies, Trained project operatives in project management, monitoring and evaluation techniques. he attained the rank of a senior evaluation coordinator before resigning from this job to join a firm of management consultants in Lagos. As a consultant, one key assignment carried out was Leading a team of Consultants on a "Study Projects Appraisal" of IITA. this assignment was sponsored by the Petroleum (Special) Trust Fund (PTF). The purpose was to reappraise the research projects of IITA with a view to making recommendations to PTF on areas of possible financial involvement in the Institute. Dr. Isiorhovoja was a manager. He was team member of consultant in the study and design of long-term projections of focal areas of development in the fisheries sub sector as part of a master plan for the Niger Delta Region of Nigeria. This assignment which involved the conduct of extensive survey of the sub sector and making recommendations on best practices and phased development strategy was carried out under the aegis of the Niger Delta Development Commission (NDDC) 2002-2004. Dr. R.A Isiorhovoja joined DELSU in 2003 as an assistant lecturer in the Department of Agricultural Economics & Extension. His key research interest is in Agricultural entrepreneurship, Agricultural financing and Food security. He is today a senior lecturer. He is married with children
    My Publications
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