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  • Area of Specialization: Drug Metabolism and Molecular Toxicology
  • Department of Medical Biochemistry & Genetics
  • My Publications
  • 2. Moke EG, Edje KE, Toloyai PY, Anachuna KK and Ifezue CR (2020) Causative Agents and Chemotherapy for Food Poisoning, World Journal of Advanced Research and Reviews Vol.6(1) Pages: 233-237

  • 1. A.O Abolaji, P.Y Toloyai, T.D Odeleye, S. Akinduro, J.B.T Rocha and E.O Farombi (2016) Hepatic and renal toxicological evaluations of an industrial ovotoxic chemical, 4-vinylcyclohexene diepoxide, in both sexes of Wistar rats, Environmental Toxicology and Pharmacology Vol.45 Pages: 28-40