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  • Department of Nursing Science

  • I was the Foundation Head of the Department and played an active part in development of a curriculum for the Bachelor of Nursing Science Program. I have been a member of many standing committees at the College of Health Science. The goal of my sabbatical leave was a collaborative research that examined the degree of clinical scholarship amongst practising nurses in America and Nigeria and the development of an institutional program that will increase nurse clinicians’ awareness for clinical scholarship in Nigeria. My years of experience and education have provided me with an excellent knowledge of teaching both at the School of Nursing and at the university level. I have a strong background in teaching undergraduate courses in the core areas of nursing with special interest in medical-surgical nursing. As a Visiting Professor to the University of Benin, Benin City and Ebonyi State University, Abakaliki, I have also taught and supervised students for Masters and Ph.D. degrees in nursing. I have done some researches in nursing and written numerous position papers on issues in nursing education and practice in Nigeria. Currently I am an Associate Professor in Nursing. My area of research interest includes; • Re-envisioning nursing education in such a way to influence best clinical practices in Nigeria • Curriculum development for under graduate and post graduate nursing programs • Challenges and opportunities for evidence-based practice • Oncology; end of life care and palliative care • Critical thinking and critical thinking disposition as they influence clinical judgement in clinical practices • Impact of information technology in health care and health care delivery • Collaborative research
    My Publications
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