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  • Area of Specialization: Development Economics, Mathematical Economics, Health Economics
  • Department of Economics

  • Dr. Titus Olufemi Awogbemi joined the services of the university in June 2004 as Lecturer II. He is currently a Senior Lecturer, (expecting the report of the external assessment to the rank of Associate Professor). He has served the university in several capacities, viz; Member, Business Committee of Senate, Chairman, Business Committee of the Faculty of the Social Sciences, Representative of the Faculty of the Social Sciences to the Faculty of Education, Coordinator, Postgraduate Programme in Economics (PhD, MSc, Masters in Energy and petroleum Economics (MEPE), Postgraduate Diploma in Petroleum Economics (PGDPE) and Level Adviser. He is currently the Head of Economics Department. He has taught several courses in the Department; Statistics, Mathematics of Economics, Economic Planning, Taxation and Fiscal Policy
    My Publications
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