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  • Area of Specialization: Agricultural,Vocational and Workforce Education
  • Department of Vocational Education

  • Patrick Ekezie EGBULE is a professor of Agricultural and Workforce Education, currently an engaged teacher- scholar in the Department of Vocational Education (Agricultural Science Unit ) of Delta State University, Abraka . He obtained the Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D) from the University of Nigeria, Nsukka,in 1995, and a Post-Doctoral Masters Degree in Industrial and Labour Relations in 2003. He commenced his university teaching career in 1994 and was promoted to full Professor in 2007.His inaugural lecture titled:' Farms Without Youths: Making Gamblers the Career Farmers' was delivered in March,2016. Prof. Egbule's publications are copious in top-rated local and international Journals and he is very active in national and international research and collaborations. He is an editor and reviewer for renowned Journals in his area of specialization,and serves as an External Examiner and Assessor for many University's agricultural and vocational education programmes and staff. He has served as chairman/member of several course Accreditation teams for the National Universities Commission (NUC), as well as Consultant to Senate of the Federal Republic of Nigeria on Agriculture and Rural Development. He was the Pioneer Coordinator of Delta State University Affiliate Degree Programme at College of Education, Warri. Currently, he is the Director Academic Planning (DAP),Delta State University, Abraka. He was the National President, Association of Vocational and Technical Educators of Nigeria (AVTEN,2012-2017).He is a fellow of the Nigeria Vocational Association(NVA). His latest book is: 'Entrepreneurship: Fundamentals and Practice", published by Totan Publishers limited in 2019.
    My Publications
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