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  • Area of Specialization: Media and Military History
  • Department of History and International Studies

  • Professor Emmanuel Nwafor Mordi, B.A.Hons(Nigeria); M.A.(Ibadan);Ph.D. (Nigeria), a Political Historian, was the foundation Acting Head of the Department of History &International Studies between 2004/2005 and 2008/2009 Academic Sessions. A Member of The Society for Army Historical Research (SAHR), London, Lagos Studies Association, and the Historical Society of Nigeria, Professor Mordi has many years of university teaching experience. Apart from successfully supervising a Ph.D. thesis and MA dissertations, he has published cutting-edge articles on the military and media in prominent, SCOPUS-indexed, learned journals. He has been engaged as a reviewer by Taylor and Francis on papers related to journalism and military studies and is acknowledged by PUBLONS in that regard. His current research interest, the neglected West African, including Nigerian forces in the Second World War and its aftermath, is supported with a grant from the Nigerian Tertiary Education Trust Fund (TetFund). Comrade Mordi, the Immediate Past Chairman(IPC) of the Academic Staff Union of Universities(ASUU), Delta State University, Abraka Branch has been involved over the past decades in the struggle to better university education in Nigeria. A former Branch Vice Chairman and Secretary, ASUU-DELSU, Comrade Mordi was largely instrumental through ASUU National Secretariat, in attracting TETFund and NEEDS Assessment projects to the university, 2009-2014, including the ultramodern Delta State University Library, started by VC, Prof. Eric Arubayi and completed by VC, Prof Victor Peretomode.
    My Publications
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